Can phyllodes tumor be misdiagnosed?

It has been suggested that phyllodes tumors may be misdiagnosed as fibroadenomas by core biopsy. However, in this case, pathology supports correct initial diagnosis of fibroadenoma and demonstrates a portion of the original fibroadenoma along the periphery of the malignant phyllodes tumor.

How can you tell if a tumor is phyllodes?

Phyllodes tumors grow very quickly. says that the first symptom is often a lump under your skin. The lump will feel smooth to the touch. The skin over your breast might also turn red or discolored and feel warm.

How can you tell the difference between a fibroadenoma and an phyllodes tumor?

Fibroadenomas grow up to 2-3 cm and then stop growing but phyllodes tumors grow continually and sometimes are to 40 cm big. Both these lesions have two components, epithelial and stromal. Clinically fibroadenomas are well circumscibed, hard, oval, movable lesions.

What percentage of Phyllodes Tumours are malignant?

Most phyllodes tumors are benign (not cancer), but about 1 out of 4 of these tumors are malignant (cancer).

Can benign phyllodes turn malignant?

Most phyllodes tumors are benign, but in rare cases they can be malignant (cancerous). In addition, their behavior is unpredictable. In rare cases, a benign tumor can recur (grow back) as a cancer.

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What is borderline phyllodes tumor?

Phyllodes (fil-oy-deez) tumors are a rare form of breast tumor; they can be benign (not cancerous), malignant (cancerous), or borderline (having characteristics of both). Phyllodes tumors account for fewer than 1% of all breast cancers.

Can you have multiple phyllodes tumors?

Conclusions: Our new findings indicated that multiple phyllodes tumors may be histologically benign. Furthermore, patients with benign or borderline phyllodes tumors had good prognosis regardless of surgical procedure.

Can a phyllodes tumor be mistaken for fibroadenoma?

Phyllodes tumor resembles intracanalicular fibroadenoma at the benign end of the spectrum while malignant phyllodes tumor can be mistaken for primary breast sarcoma or sarcomatous carcinoma [1].

Do phyllodes tumors keep growing?

It usually isn’t painful. You might notice the lump on your own, or your doctor may feel it during a routine exam. Phyllodes tumors can grow to 3 centimeters wide — a little more than an inch — in just a few weeks or months. They often grow quickly, even if they’re benign.

Is low grade phyllodes tumor benign?

Phyllodes tumor of the breast is a relatively rare fibroepithelial neoplasm that presents a morphologic continuum from benign to malignant. Most phyllodes tumors behave benignly, with local recurrences occurring in a small proportion of cases. Very rarely, the tumor may metastasize.

Can a phyllodes tumor spread?

Phyllodes tumors tend to grow quickly, but they rarely spread outside the breast. Although most phyllodes tumors are benign (not cancerous), some are malignant (cancerous) and some are borderline (in between noncancerous and cancerous).

What are the chances of phyllodes tumor recurrence?

Background: Phyllodes tumours (PT) of the breast are fibro-epithelial neoplasms that are known to recur locally in up to 19% of patients. The failure to achieve adequate surgical margins is an important risk factor for local recurrence.

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How big are phyllodes tumors?

The median size of phyllodes tumors is around 4 cm. 20% of tumors grow larger than 10 cm (giant phyllodes tumor). These tumors can reach sizes up to 40 cm in diameter (see Figure 1).