Does Medicare cover wigs for chemo?

Are wigs covered by Medicare for cancer patients?

Unfortunately, Medicare Parts A and B do not cover the cost of wigs for people going through cancer treatment, but they may be a tax-deductible expenses.

How much does a chemo wig cost?

You may have to pay a portion of the cost or pay upfront and seek reimbursement. The price of a wig depends on the kind you choose — namely synthetic or human hair — as well as its color, texture, and length. Wigs can range from $30 to $3,000 or more.

How can I get a chemo wig?

Consider choosing a color that is somewhat lighter than your own hair. Your skin color may be off during chemotherapy — grayish, greenish, or yellowish. Less contrast is generally more flattering, and won’t call attention to your complexion. Go for the best-quality, most natural-looking wig you can afford.

Does Medicare pay for hair loss treatment?

Please note that generally, Medicare does not cover treatment for hair loss (also called alopecia) unless the treatment is medically necessary to treat a disease that has caused the baldness. Hair loss can result from many causes.

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Where can a cancer patient get a free wig?


  • TLC is part of ACS Products, Inc., an affiliate of the American Cancer Society.
  • Many ACS offices distribute free wigs to women who are experiencing hair loss due to cancer treatment; call 800-ACS-2345 to see if an office near you participates in this free wig program.

How much does it cost to make a wig for a cancer patient?

5. Figure Out How — or if — You’re Going to Pay for It. Wigs can cost anywhere from $30 to several thousand dollars. Although higher price often does mean better quality, most solid synthetic wigs are under $500.

How long do you wear a wig after chemo?

Carliz: With proper care and storage (these are key!), a synthetic wig will last for 3–5 months of daily wear.

How can I get a free wig?

Fortunately, there are many organizations that provide free wigs to those who have lost their hair.

  1. Pantene Beautiful Lengths. This organization, perhaps one of the most widely known by women who choose to donate their hair, partners with the American Cancer Society. …
  2. Wigs for Kids. …
  3. Ebeauty. …
  4. Hair We Share.

Should I get a wig for chemo?

You should ideally buy a wig before your first chemotherapy appointment because hair loss can start two weeks after your first infusion. 3 It’s a gradual process for many of us, but having a wig ready to go can ease the transition greatly. You can shop for a wig online if you know your size, style, and color.

How long does it take for hair to start growing back after chemo?

Fortunately, most of the time hair loss from chemotherapy is temporary. You can expect to regrow your hair three to six months after your treatment ends, though your hair may temporarily be a different shade or texture.

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How can I get insurance for my wig?


  1. Get pre-approval for your medical wig. Coverage will vary by health insurance companies and your specific conditions of your insurance. …
  2. You’ll need a prescription from your doctor. …
  3. Purchase your medical wig. …
  4. Submit your claim.