Does testicular cancer cause low testosterone?

Men with testicular cancer can present with low testosterone at the time of diagnosis, or can experience a decrease in testosterone as a side effect of surgery or chemotherapy.

Is low testosterone a symptom of testicular cancer?

Low testosterone can be present at the time of a testicular cancer diagnosis, or it can develop as a side effect of surgery or chemotherapy.

Can cancer cause low testosterone?

There are many other potential causes of low testosterone, including the following: Injury (trauma, interrupted blood supply to the testes) or infection of the testes (orchitis) Chemotherapy for cancer.

Does testicular cancer affect hormones?

Breast tenderness and/or breast growth. Certain types of testicular tumors secrete high levels of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which stimulates breast development. Lower back pain (a frequent symptom of later-stage testicular cancer).

Does testicular damage affect testosterone?

Primary hypogonadism is also known as primary testicular failure, and it is caused by a problem in the testicles that can affect testosterone production. These problems can include: Injury to the testicle. This can be from trauma, testicular cancer, or radiation or chemotherapy to treat testicular cancer.

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How does testicular cancer affect testosterone?

Nearly 40% of testicular cancer survivors had low testosterone levels, leading to a greater likelihood of chronic health problems, including high blood pressure, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, anxiety, or depression, compared with survivors with normal testosterone levels, according to study findings released at the …

What are 5 warning signs of testicular cancer?

Five Common Signs of Testicular Cancer

  • A painless lump, swelling or enlargement of one or both testes.
  • Pain or heaviness in the scrotum.
  • A dull ache or pressure in the groin, abdomen or low back.
  • A general feeling of malaise, including unexplained fatigue, fever, sweating, coughing, shortness of breath or mild chest pains.

What kind of cancer causes low testosterone?

Testosterone levels and a family history of prostate cancer were independent predictors of prostate cancer disease reclassification. “These results suggest low levels of testosterone are associated with more aggressive prostate cancer.

Can you live a long life with low testosterone?

Researchers found men with the lowest testosterone levels had the highest mortality rate, followed by men with the highest testosterone levels. Overall, men with circulating testosterone levels between 9.8 to 15.8 nmol/L range tended to live the longest.

Can prostate cancer cause low testosterone levels?

Objectives: • Low testosterone levels have been related to a higher diagnosis of prostate cancer (PCa). Hormonal levels have been related to poor prognosis factors in men with PCa, mainly after radical prostatectomy.

Can you take testosterone after testicular cancer?

Young male cancer survivors may significantly benefit from testosterone replacement therapy—especially after testicular cancer. Research published by Walsh et al in PLOS Medicine looked at one of the most common late-onset side effects experienced by young male survivors—reduced levels of the male sex hormone.

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Do you need testosterone after testicular cancer?

Men who have lost one testicle due to cancer do not usually need testosterone replacement therapy, also called hormone replacement therapy (HRT). When one testicle has been surgically removed the other testicle produces extra hormones to compensate for what is lost.

Can you get an erection without testes?

Without both testicles, your body won’t be able to make as much testosterone as it needs. That might lower your sex drive and make it harder to have erections. You could have hot flashes, lose some muscle mass, and be more tired than usual.