Is it common for teenagers to get colon cancer?

Age. The risk of colorectal cancer increases as people get older. Colorectal cancer can occur in young adults and teenagers, but the majority of colorectal cancers occur in people older than 50. For colon cancer, the average age at the time of diagnosis for men is 68 and for women is 72.

Can a 16 year old get colon cancer?

Colorectal cancer is unusual in children and adolescents. The incidence of colorectal cancer in individuals 20 years old or younger is 1 to 2 cases per million (4,5). It is responsible for less than 0.4% of all fatal malignancies in patients younger than 15 years old (1,2).

Is colon cancer common in 15 year olds?

Pediatric colorectal cancer is very rare. The reported incidence is 0.3 to 2 cases per million, accounting for 0.4% of all fatal malignancies in patients younger than 15 years of age[1-6]. According to some studies, most cases occur in the second decade of life[1,7,8].

Can a 17 year old have colon cancer?

Although colon and rectal cancer most often appear in those over age 50, it can happen in young people. In fact, it is happening – and those of us diagnosed under age 50 make up the fastest growing demographic to be diagnosed.

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Is colon cancer curable in teens?

While colon cancer among young people is a troubling trend, “The important thing to know is that there will most often be symptoms in the early stages,” Hanna said. “As long as you get checked in an appropriate, timely manner, colon cancer is very treatable.”

What is the youngest person to have colon cancer?

Evan White was just 24 years old when he was diagnosed with colon cancer. Throughout college, Evan White would occasionally notice some blood in his stool. It occurred sporadically so he thought little of it. Two years after graduating, he visited his doctor after noticing his energy had waned.

Can u get colon cancer at 14?

Colon cancer is not common in childhood even though cases have been reported in children and adolescents. Although it is sporadic, it can arise in the setting of predisposing illnesses such as familial polyposis syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease.

Can a child survive colon cancer?

According to research published by Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD, FACS, and colleagues in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, children and young adults with colon cancer are more likely to have shorter overall survival and recurrence-free survival than middle-aged adults.

Has a teenager got colon cancer?

Colorectal cancer remains a leading cause of death from cancer in adults, especially in the Western world. It is a very rare disease in children and adolescents. Even so, colon cancer in the young is of great concern, especially since screening strategies are focused on older patients.

Can I get colon cancer at 19?

Colorectal cancer is rare in teenagers, especially without known risk factors. Colon cancer in young age is more likely to be diagnosed at advanced-stage, to present unfavorable tumor histology such as mucinous carcinoma, and poor outcome.

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How common is colon cancer at 18?

That is among adults in ages 20 to 54. Her colorectal surgeon Virgilio George, M.D., of the Hollings Cancer Center at the Medical University of South Carolina, said it’s an alarming trend and that he’s even had a patient as young as 18. He estimates around 10 percent of new colon cancer patients are under 50.