Question: Should a follicular neoplasm be removed?

The issue is all of the follicular thyroid cancer must be effectively removed at the initial surgery. The problem is that both the patient and the surgeon may not know that the thyroid mass is a follicular thyroid cancer until after the surgery is completed.

What is the treatment for follicular neoplasm?

The preferred treatment for follicular neoplasms is lobectomy followed by completion total thyroidectomy for histologically proven carcinomas larger than 1.0 cm. Total thyroidectomy allows use of thyroglobulin and radioiodine scanning to detect and treat metastatic disease.

Is follicular neoplasm benign?

The diagnosis “follicular neoplasm” is indeterminate, and the majority of cases (70% in the current study) are benign. However, clinical features, including gender, nodule size, and age, can be a part of the decision analysis in selecting patients for surgery.

Should a benign thyroid tumor be removed?

Even a benign growth on your thyroid gland can cause symptoms. If a thyroid nodule is causing voice or swallowing problems, your doctor may recommend treating it with surgery to remove all or part of the thyroid gland.

Can follicular cancer be cured?

Although follicular lymphoma usually can’t be cured, you can live long and well with it. This cancer grows slowly. You may not need treatment for many years, or ever. But if you do, it usually works well.

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What is a follicular neoplasm?

Follicular neoplasm: A tumor that can be benign such as a thyroid adenoma, or malignant such as a follicular thyroid cancer.

What size thyroid nodule should be removed?

Previous studies had shown that between 11- 20% of cancerous nodules ≥ 4 cm may be misclassified as benign (false negative) and this has led to recommendations that all nodules > 4 cm should be removed.

How is follicular carcinoma diagnosed?

Like CT scans, MRI scans can be used to look for a diagnosis of follicular thyroid cancer in the thyroid, or cancer that has spread to nearby or distant parts of the body. But ultrasound is usually the first choice for looking at the thyroid and neck structures.

What is thyroid follicular adenoma?

A follicular adenoma is a benign encapsulated tumor of the thyroid gland. It is a firm or rubbery, homogeneous, round or oval tumor that is surrounded by a thin fibrous capsule. A follicular adenoma is a common neoplasm of the thyroid gland. In two autopsy series, the incidence of thyroid adenoma was 3 and 4.3% [1, 2].

What is a Category 4 nodule?

Bethesda category IV nodules are described as follicular neoplasm or suspicious for follicular neoplasm (FN/SFN).

Is surgery necessary for thyroid nodules?

Surgery. A noncancerous nodule may sometimes require surgery if it’s so large that it makes it hard to breathe or swallow. Doctors may also consider surgery for people with large multinodular goiters, particularly when the goiters constrict airways, the esophagus or blood vessels.

Will I lose weight if my thyroid is removed?

Yes, thyroid removal can impact weight loss. Thyroidectomy (removal of thyroid gland) can disrupt your metabolism due to the decreased level/absence of thyroid hormones leading to weight gain.

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Can a benign thyroid tumor become malignant?

Conclusion: Some benign thyroid nodules have malignant potential. Further molecular testing of these tumors can shed light on the pathogenesis of early malignant transformation.