Your question: What is the most important intervention for extravasation of an IV chemotherapy drug?

At the first sign of extravasation, the following steps are recommended: (1) stop administration of IV fluids immediately, (2) disconnect the IV tube from the cannula, (3) aspirate any residual drug from the cannula, (4) administer a drug-specific antidote, and (5) notify the physician (Fig. 1).

What do you do during chemo extravasation?

Once vesicant extravasation occurs, the clinician should immediately stop the infusion; however, the cannula or noncoring port needle should be kept in place and an attempt to aspirate the vesicant with a 10-mL syringe should be made.

What do I do if IV extravasation?

How is it treated?

  1. Elevate the site as much as possible to help reduce swelling.
  2. Apply a warm or cold compress (depending on the fluid) for 30 minutes every 2-3 hours to help reduce swelling and discomfort.
  3. Medication-If recommended, medicine for extravasations is given within 24 hours for best effect.

How do you treat extravasation of an antineoplastic medication?

When an extravasation occurs or is suspected, the first action to take is to stop the infusion (AII). Leave the cannula in position and attempt to aspirate as much of the vesicant as possible from the device; if an antidote is available, an appropriate amount should be instillated through the existing i.v. (AIII).

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How is extravasation prevented during chemotherapy?

Apply either ice packs or warm compresses to the affected area, depending on the type of vesicant. For most extravasations, apply ice for 20 minutes four to six times a day for 24 to 48 hours. However, treat extravasations from vinca alkaloids, epipodophyllotoxins, and vasoconstricting drugs with heat.

What should be applied to an anthracycline extravasation?

Preclinical and clinical studies are leading to the clinical implementation of dexrazoxane as the first and only proven antidote in anthracycline extravasation. In two multicenter studies dexrazoxane has proven to be highly effective in preventing skin necrosis and ulceration.

Is the chemotherapy extravasation management?

A chemotherapeutic extravasation is considered an oncologic emergency. When assessing a chemotherapy extravasation, it is important to understand the classification of the chemotherapeutic agent in terms of its potential to cause cellular damage if extravasated.

What should a nurse do to prevent extravasation?

Limiting the pump cycle to one hour may minimise the extent of tissue damage from extravasation by triggering a reminder to inspect the insertion site and limb for signs of extravasation. Nursing vigilance along with prompt recognition and management is the key to avoiding or minimising injury.

How do you treat extravasation of contrast?

How Is Contrast Extravasation Treated? If contrast extravasation happens, we will have you raise your arm above the level of your heart and apply a cold compress to the IV site. An ice pack also helps to limit any pain you may have—both while you are at the medical center and over the next few days.

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What is extravasation in chemotherapy?

These concerns include extravasation of chemotherapy, which is defined as the accidental infiltration of chemotherapy into the subcutaneous or sub-dermal tissue at the injection site[1-4], and can result in tissue necrosis[1,2,4,5].

When extravasation of a vesicant chemotherapeutic agent occurs an appropriate nursing intervention will be to?

2007;23:184-190. Inform the patient that extravasation is a risk of vesicant administration. Instruct the patient to avoid movement during vesicant administration and to immediately report pain, burning, or other symptoms. Insert a new IV device immediately prior to peripheral vesicant administration.

Which of the following should be done first to ensure proper cleanup of a chemotherapy spill?

Be sure to remember to alert people in the area of the spill and put out the sign warning of a chemotherapy spill. The first pair of gloves should be put on first and then the gown followed by the second pair of gloves. The sleeves of the gown should be tucked in to be between the first and second pair of gloves.

Which antidote is approved for treating parenteral nutrition extravasation?

Three treatments have been used in extravasation of parenteral nutrition, but in our patients hyaluronidase was the only applicable treatment. As this enzyme is not commercially available in Spain, chondroitinsulfatase, an enzyme very similar to hyaluronidase, was used.

How do you prevent IV infiltration?

Preventing infiltration starts with choosing the right vein for the job. Select veins that feel smooth and resilient, not hard or cordlike. Avoid areas of flexion; the catheter could too easily become dislodged.

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