What cancer is represented by maroon?

What cancer ribbon is maroon?

Cancer Ribbon Color Chart

Type of Cancer Ribbon Color Awareness Month
Lung cancer White November
Lymphoma Lime green September
Melanoma and skin cancers Black May
Multiple myeloma Burgundy March

What does the maroon ribbon stand for?

Burgundy Ribbon (download)

Burgundy is a darker, wine-colored shade of red. This awareness ribbon color symbolizes disabled adults, headaches, meningitis, and many other causes.

What colors represent which cancer?

The colors for the most common types of cancer include:

  • Lung cancer: white.
  • Brain cancer: grey.
  • Breast cancer: pink.
  • Liver cancer: emerald green.
  • Lymphoma: lime green.
  • Prostate cancer: light blue.
  • Stomach cancer: periwinkle blue.
  • Bone cancer: yellow.

What cancer symbol is red?

Since 1949, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society has raised more than $1 billion to fund research to find cures for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease, and myeloma. The bigger umbrella of blood cancer uses a red ribbon and also has September as its awareness month.

What color is leukemia cancer ribbon?

Leukemia is also represented by the color orange. It accounts for 35 percent of all blood cancer diagnoses in the United States.

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What is pink cancer ribbon?

A pink ribbon symbolizes breast cancer awareness.

What are burgundy ribbons for?

Burgundy Fabric Awareness Ribbons – Product Specs

They are perfect for fundraising, awareness events, cancer races, awareness campaigns, support groups, school fundraisers, memorial gifts, and promotional products.

What ribbon colors mean?


Red AIDS/HIV, alcohol & substance abuse, vasculitis, love, heart, disease
Orange Hunger, leukemia, animal protection awareness, self-injury awareness, multiple sclerosis, ADHD, kidney cancer
Yellow Support our troops, suicide prevention, genocide awareness, sarcoma and bone cancer awareness

What do the red ribbons mean?

The red ribbon is the universal symbol of awareness and support for people living with HIV. Wearing a ribbon is a great way to raise awareness on and during the run up to World AIDS Day. We send out a pack of 100 fabric red ribbons FREE to anybody fundraising for National AIDS Trust in the UK.

What does the purple ribbon mean for cancer?

Pancreatic cancer uses a purple ribbon as a tribute to one woman’s love for her mother. A woman named Rose Schneider, whose favorite color was purple, died after battling pancreatic cancer.

What color are tumors?

Identifying cysts and tumors

Characteristic Cyst Tumor
white, yellow, or green discharge
able to move around under skin

What is the most common cancer?

The most common type of cancer on the list is breast cancer, with 284,200 new cases expected in the United States in 2021. The next most common cancers are prostate cancer and lung cancer.

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What color represents ovarian cancer?

Why Teal is the Color of Ovarian Cancer.

What color is pancreatic cancer?

The Color Purple: Raising Awareness of Pancreatic Cancer.