What does Merkel cell carcinoma feel like?

While MCC is often painless, it can feel sore and tender. Some people say the growth itches. Many people who develop MCC are otherwise healthy. If you have certain risk factors, you have a greater risk of getting this skin cancer.

Is Merkel cell carcinoma hard or soft?

MCC usually develops on sun-exposed skin (e.g., head, neck, arms) as a painless, firm bump that can be red-purple or skin-colored.

How fast does a Merkel cell carcinoma grow?

A lesion of metastatic MCC may appear as a 1-3 cm, flesh-colored to red-purple bump that feels firm, is deeper compared to the primary lesion, and grows rapidly over a period of 2-4 weeks.

Does Merkel cell carcinoma make you tired?

Fatigue. Fatigue is a common side effect of treatment for many types of cancer, including Merkel cell carcinoma. The best way to deal with fatigue is to listen to your body.

Does Merkel cell carcinoma hurt?

Does Merkel cell carcinoma hurt? While MCC is often painless, it can feel sore and tender. Some people say the growth itches. Many people who develop MCC are otherwise healthy.

Does Merkel cell carcinoma grow?

Merkel cell carcinoma tends to grow quickly and to metastasize (spread) at an early stage. It usually spreads first to nearby lymph nodes and then may spread to lymph nodes or skin in distant parts of the body, lungs, brain, bones, or other organs.

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Is Merkel cell carcinoma always fatal?

Merkel cell carcinoma, or MCC, is a rare skin cancer that can be fatal, killing about 700 people per year. It occurs more commonly in people frequently exposed to ultraviolet light. Most cases of MCC show up first with a small red or purple bump on the skin.

Can Merkel cell carcinoma be benign?

Merkel cells are found at the base of the outermost layer of your skin (epidermis) andare connected to the nerve endings in the skin that are responsible for the sense of touch. There are several different kinds of skin cancer and except for melanoma, most of them are easily treatable and benign.

How will I feel after first immunotherapy?

Flu-like symptoms: Some immunotherapy drugs can make you feel like you have the flu. Along with a fever, you could have a headache, nausea, muscle or joint aches, chills, weakness, and dizziness. Some people also get a runny nose, dry cough, or diarrhea. There’s no single way to treat all these symptoms.

What virus causes Merkel cell carcinoma?

Researchers recently discovered that a common virus plays a role in causing most cases of Merkel cell carcinoma. The virus (Merkel cell polyomavirus) lives on the skin and doesn’t cause any signs or symptoms. Just how this virus causes Merkel cell carcinoma has yet to be determined.

How do you feel on immunotherapy?

“The most common side effects are fatigue and flu-like symptoms because you’re activating your immune system to fight the cancer, so you feel kind of like you have a virus,” she explains. “You might be a little tired, a little achy, maybe have a bit of a fever.

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