How can I help Canadian Cancer Society?

How can you help the Canadian cancer Society?

Contact us

  1. By phone. Toll-free: 1-888-939-3333. TTY: 1-866-786-3934. Donate: 1-800-268-8874.
  2. By email. For cancer information and support. Donations, tax receipts and general inquiries. Volunteer inquiries. …
  3. By mail. 55 St Clair Avenue West, Suite 500. Toronto, Ontario. M4V 2Y7.
  4. By live chat. Please select the Live Chat button below.

How can I help the cancer Society?

1-800-227-2345. Whether it’s the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night, our cancer information specialists are here to help. Have questions about treatment options or potential side effects? We have you covered.

Why should I donate to the Canadian cancer Society?

Your donation matters

Every dollar counts. Thanks to your donations, we’re able to continue funding the most promising cancer research, advocate for health-protecting policies and provide trusted information, resources and support for every Canadian affected by cancer.

What resources are available for cancer patients?

Cancer Patient Resource Websites

  • Recommendations for cancer patients.
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) …
  • National Cancer Institute (NCI) …
  • World Health Organization (WHO) …
  • American Cancer Society. …
  • American Medical Association “DoctorFinder” …
  • Association of American Cancer Institutes. …
  • CancerCommons.
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What support is available for cancer patients?

A Cancer Council Information Service is provided within treatment centres across NSW. You can talk to a trained Cancer Council volunteer who can help you find the resources or services you need. This includes: access to evidence-based information for anyone affected by cancer.

How do I get financial help for cancer?

To avail financial assistance under HMCPF, the patient is required to submit :

  1. application form in prescribed proforma duly signed by the treating doctor and countersigned by the Medical Superintendent of the Government hospital/institute/Regional Cancer Centre.
  2. Copy of the income certificate.
  3. Copy of the ration card.

What types of cancer qualify for disability?

If you have been diagnosed with one of the following cancers, you should automatically, medically qualify for disability benefits:

  • Esophageal cancer.
  • Gallbladder cancer.
  • Brain cancer.
  • Inflammatory breast cancer.
  • Liver cancer.
  • Pancreatic cancer.
  • Salivary cancers.
  • Sinonasal cancer.

Can you get money for having cancer?

According the the Social Security Administration (SSA), cancer is considered a disability. Those with cancer can qualify for disability benefits if they can prove they meet a Blue Book disability listing for cancer.

Is there a cure for cancer yet?

Whether a person’s cancer can be cured depends on the type and stage of the cancer, the type of treatment they can get, and other factors. Some cancers are more likely to be cured than others. But each cancer needs to be treated differently. There isn’t one cure for cancer.

How can I help cancer research?

Other ways you can support cancer research:

  1. Cause-Related Marketing. Donate a portion of the proceeds of your product, service, or event to cancer research.
  2. Donor-Advised Funds. …
  3. Employer Matching Gifts. …
  4. Fundraising Events. …
  5. Gift in Your Will. …
  6. Gift of Stock. …
  7. IRA Charitable Rollover. …
  8. Memorial and Honor Gifts.
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What is the main goal of the Canadian cancer Society?

Our purpose: To unite and inspire all Canadians to take control of cancer. Our mission: In trusted partnership with donors and volunteers, we improve the lives of all those affected by cancer through world-class research, transformative advocacy and compassionate support.

How can I get free treatment for cancer?

Following are the top best free cancer treatment hospitals/centres in India:

  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.
  • Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore.
  • Tata Memorial Hospital, Kolkata.
  • Regional Cancer Center,Thiruvananthapuram.
  • Cancer Care Foundation of India, Mumbai.

How can I help someone going through chemo?

Helpful tips when supporting a friend

  1. Ask permission. Before visiting, giving advice, and asking questions, ask if it is welcome. …
  2. Make plans. Do not be afraid to make plans for the future. …
  3. Be flexible. …
  4. Laugh together. …
  5. Allow for sadness. …
  6. Check in. …
  7. Offer to help. …
  8. Follow through.