Quick Answer: Which regions have the highest and lowest levels of diagnosed lung cancer?

What region is lung cancer most common?

The most common types of lung cancer are those found right in the lungs. Other rarer types of cancer may also occur in the lungs and chest wall.

Which regions have the highest rates of cancer incidence?

The highest cancer rate was found in Australia at 363.0 women per 100,000. The age-standardised rate was at least 300 per 100,000 in 11 countries (Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, the US, the Netherlands, Norway and South Korea).

Which state has the highest incidence of lung cancer?

Four of those 13 states — Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, and West Virginia — are among the states with the highest lung cancer occurrence rates.

State Age-Adjusted Incidence Rate
Kentucky 97.3
West Virginia 76.5
Tennessee 76.2
Mississippi 74.7
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Where is lung cancer most common in the US?

In 2015, Kentucky had the highest age-adjusted lung cancer incidence rates in both men (105.6 per 100,000) and women (77.5 per 100,000).

Where is lung cancer located?

Lung cancer begins in the lungs and may spread to lymph nodes or other organs in the body, such as the brain. Cancer from other organs also may spread to the lungs.

What is the slowest growing lung cancer?

Squamous cell carcinomas are very slow growing, but can eventually form a cavity within the lung. This subtype is most frequently diagnosed in men.

Where are the lowest cancer rates in the world?

Syria has the lowest cancer rate in the world of 85 cases per 100,000 people. Bhutan, Algeria, Nepal, and Oman followed with rates below 100.

Where are the highest cancer rates in the US?

The ten states with the highest cancer rates (per 100,000 people) are:

  • Kentucky – 510.2.
  • New Jersey – 482.4.
  • West Virginia – 482.4.
  • New York – 480.6.
  • Louisiana – 478.6.
  • Iowa – 477.3.
  • New Hampshire – 473.6.
  • Minnesota – 472.3.

Which county has the highest cancer rate?

Population figures listed are taken from 2019 Census Bureau estimates.

  • Carroll County, Kentucky. Population: 10,631. …
  • Owsley County, Kentucky. Population: 4,415. …
  • Polk County, Texas. Population: 51,353. …
  • Monroe County, Kentucky. …
  • Towns County, Georgia. …
  • Carter County, Kentucky. …
  • Pickens County, Georgia. …
  • Lawrence County, Kentucky.

What state has the lowest lung cancer rate?

The five jurisdictions with the lowest lung cancer death rates were Utah (16.4), New Mexico (22.5), Colorado (23.0), DC (24.6), and California (25.0). Sources: National Center for Health Statistics.

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Why is Kentucky highest cancer rate?

But Kentucky’s death rates also rank in the Top 10 nationally for breast, colorectal and cervical cancers. “It’s really been driven by three major things: obesity, smoking and lack of screening,” said Louisville gastroenterologist Dr. Whitney Jones. “Our state is completely inundated with risk factors.”

In what region of the US can be found the most cases of lung cancer Why do you think this is the case?

States in the Southeast, particularly in the Appalachian region, lead the United States in new lung cancer cases per 100,000 age-adjusted population, and predictably, the top five states for new cases—Kentucky, West Virginia, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennessee—are also the top five for rates of lung cancer deaths.

What population is most affected by lung cancer?

Lung cancer mostly affects older people. It is most commonly diagnosed in people 65-84 years old. It is rarely diagnosed before age 55. Between 2013 and 2017, 70.4 percent of new lung cancer cases were in people 65 and older.

What is the deadliest cancer?

What types of cancer are the deadliest? According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer — and lung cancer caused by asbestos — is the number one killer, with 142,670 estimated deaths in 2019 alone, making it three times deadlier than breast cancer.